Saxe Realty Company, Inc. was founded in San Francisco in 1938. In 1984, it was sold to Merrill Lynch and Saxe Mortgage Company, Inc. was spun off as a separate entity. Saxe Mortgage Company is a private money lender specializing in short-term real estate financial needs for both residential and commercial properties. It prides itself on fast closings, integrity and very competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Saxe Mortgage Company is a private money mortgage broker that finances real estate transactions with private money investor funds. Due to the current problems in the credit markets stemming from the sub-prime fallout and bank illiquidity especially for jumbo loans, the demand for private money lending has increased exponentially. We are also very excited by the increase in the quality of loans and properties that we are working with. However, we are aware of the softening in the California real estate market.Consequently, we have narrowed our lending territories to the most stable markets of Bay Area counties of Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara. Loans outside of these counties are carefully scrutinized on a case by case basis.

Now is a great time to invest with Saxe Mortgage Co. The Federal Reserve has substantially cut interest rates. Consequently, bank rates have substantially diminished. CDs that used to pay 6% now pay 2.5%. Savings and retirement accounts that are sitting in regular accounts or CDs are generating little or no income. Saxe is offering investors the opportunity to invest that money at 9-11%, secured by choice Bay Area properties!

Additionally, banks are cutting and freezing home equity lines of credit. With the Prime Rate currently at 6%, many investors are investing their equity lines with Saxe at 9-11%! People who are not using their equity lines are losing them.

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